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Transport, communications

Bus fleet #8 of the town of Nesvizh is engaged in passenger transportation. The route network comprises 22 suburban and three town routes. Four daily trips are made between the regional center and the city of Minsk, with additional two trips Kletsk-Borovlyany. The Kletsk Avtobaza and Kletsk raiagroservis also perform freight hauls.

The region has 26 telephone stations, of them six are electronic. There are 10,782 telephones and 11,771 wired-radio outlets in the region. New capacities and upgrading of the local landlines in the region contributed to the further installation of telephones in the town and rural settlements. Landlines cover 100% of the villages, all medical establishments and schools.

The construction of agro-towns embraced installation of an electronic automatic exchange for 360 numbers in the village of Yanovichi, expansion of the electronic automatic exchange in Kukhchitsy for 130 numbers and in Moroch for 50 numbers.

There are 24 post offices in the region. The subscription circulation of periodicals makes up 24099 copies. The post service renders the following services: reception and delivery of letters, parcels, postal orders, selling of cards, stamps, pension payment, newspaper subscription and delivery, different types of payment, photocopying, reception and issue of banking deposits and others.